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Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems

Salmon Clearwater Landscaping, LLC

Sprinkler Systems

Complete sprinkler systems design, installation and maintenance.

Call to talk with us about spring system start up and winterization in the fall.

  • Sprinkler systems offer a convenient way to water the ENTIRE yard, every time, automatically and more efficiently conserving water. No hoses to trip over or pick up when time to mow. No sprinklers running for hours in one spot while the rest of the yard dries up.

  • Based on your water pressure and GPM (gallons per minute) sprinkler system is designed so all sprinkler heads have head to head coverage, ensuring that the entire yard (or desired areas) is irrigated. Sprinkler heads are very interchangeable and different styles allow you to get into the smallest corners or cover the largest backyards.
  • One inch poly pipe delivers the water from the water source, to the valves and out to the sprinkler heads. Precision placed valves and heads optimize water output, offering maximum head efficiency and deliver water efficiently to the grass below.

  • The pipe is “pulled” into the ground for minimal soil and ground disruption/impact.

  • The control clock, placed where customer desires, will be programmed to come on automatically at best desired time. The Control Clock can be easily set up to water selected areas with different time durations, alternating days of the week and even multiple times each day. This will be thoroughly explained before leaving.

  • A lush green lawn helps keep your house cooler,( brown dry grass reflects the suns hot rays up at you when you walk on it….feel the heat) is more enjoyable to be on….picnics, BBQ, laying on grass, kids playing outside. Green grass is cooler.

  • Need sprinkler system repair?  We can help with troubleshooting and repair the system so you’re back up and running. 

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