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HydroSeeding offers a great way to establish a new lawn. 

Hydroseeding includes a straw mulch to add nutrients to the soil, help suspend or encapsulate the grass seed, As Well as to retain moisture during the germination process. 

  • When applying the hydroseed, we throw in some good starter fertilizer to kick it off.   A bonding agent helps to keep it all together.
  • Grass seed is the main ingredient. There are many different varieties of grass seed available,  depending on your climate and use.   From lush soft grass for the lawn around the house to a hardy tough playground mix, hydroseeding can accommodate the type of grass that works for varying conditions and purpose.  We can even offer erosion control mixes to hold back hillsides and/or wild flower/native mixtures can be applied.
  • Hydroseeding is more cost effective than sod and is easier to get established than just throwing out dry seed.
  • Germination time is between 7-10 days. On average lawn is fully established within 1 full growing season. Soil conditions and weather are, of course,  contributing factors that may slow down the process.
  • Watering requirements are crucial and will be discussed with you for a full understanding.
  • Sod is also available for customers building a new house or remodeling the yard and need some grass immediately, to stay out of the mud. Combinations of the two (sod and hydroseed) are common and can be arranged. There are some minimum order requirements for sod (total sq. ft.).
  • Assistance with ground prep is also available upon request. Soil additives like compost can be brought in when nutrients are lacking and clay is prominent.  

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